Fitz’s jealousy is justifiable & he should be ticking!

The only reason why I think Fitz kind of has a reason to be jealous even with the whole Amanda Tanner situation is because with Amanda it was just sex.

(I honestly believe she either just gave him a blow job or anal… He was pretty adamant that the baby wasn’t his. Remember he said : “Do you want me to go over all the ways me and Amanda Tanner had sex? I pretty sure he knew there was no way in hell that baby was his.)

But with Edison, it’s different, she lived with him and she almost married him. Having sex and planning to spend your life with someone is very different. Fitz saw Amanda has a temporary relief. Edison was someone that Olivia considered spending her life with. Olitz may have never been able to happen if she continued with him.

This man, Edison, got to do things Fitz has wanted to do for so long.

  • He got live and have a home with Olivia.
  • He got to be with her emotionally and physically everyday for years.
  • He was able to say to the world, this is my fiancee and love of my life, Olivia Pope.
  • He almost got to marry her and start a family.

Those are things that Fitz desperately want - so to see that Edison got so far with his Olivia and is back in the picture, that is what is making Fitz really tick.

Plus, everyone is mad that Fitz yelled at Olivia. So what? She yelled at him in the episode just before. She yelled at him to ruin a man’s career and stop a autopsy which I am pretty sure is in contradiction with the law. All he did was yell at her to get out of a car. Normal couples yell people, the whole concept of their relationship is to show that even though she is the Fixer and he’s the President, they are still a normal couple; who make love and at rare times, argue (yelling between two people is called arguing).

If Olitz is your OTP, stick by their side. OTP’s go through rough patches to get to their best moments!

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